What Pixel Monkey does?

We understand that running a successful orthodontics practice involves more than just providing excellent patient care. In today’s digital age, it’s important to have a strong online presence that attracts new patients and keeps your current patients engaged.

We partner with Orthodontics practises using our TIEM* framework which consciously brings Technology, our orthodontics Industry Expertise and  Marketing  to power the growth of your Practise.

Business Outcomes:

  • Increases new patients added
  • Increases case starts
  • Reduces no show rates

Success Stories

Case Study From Orthodontic practice in North Bay


An orthodontic practice in North Bay, California hoped to increase their case starts in 2022, by 50%, without increasing their staff-size.

Increased case starts by 2x in 12 months

Business Outcomes

2x Growth!

Increased New Patients added from 40 to 87

Increased Case starts added from 21 to 48

Pixel Monkey differentiator:

Our system is designed to use digital tools to increase not just online patient leads, but also traditional offline leads (from GP and patient referrals).

Customized tactics created for different referring segments

Why Trust Us