Who are we looking for?

We really don’t care about your fancy degree or lack of one. We don’t care how many years you have practiced the art of designing. We don’t care if you will fail a few times trying something new, because we believe you just have to get it right once. And we don’t care what attire you wear. The only thing we care is if you are pursing your goal of being creative. If you are interested in a role which gives you complete autonomy to showcase your creative skill, this is the place for you. But of course, it’s not all hunky dory, right? We also involve in quite a few standard boring stuffs which is also part of the job.

Boring stuff:

· Creating Boring banners for our clients
Social media tiles
Display ads
Web Banners

· Working on Brochures, One pager, Emails, Designs for Website etc.

· Size adaptations

· Following brand guidelines of our clients while creating marketing collaterals

· Respecting timelines

Exciting stuff:

· Owning the creative process

· Having creative autonomy without any micromanagement

· Comprehending client requirements and taking ownership of the deliverables

· Working regularly with highly motivated people who has a growth mindset